Don't get too excited...

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I got so excited when the Cavs lead at halftime, then the 3rd quarter happened... Is the home teams always winning making the playoffs boring? discuss....

Babe of the week (since we don't do it daily) Lauren London

with a little bonus on the last pic. you are all welcome!

And The Award Goes To....

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Kobe receives his first MVP award.

Babe for the day... Arekah

It's N.O.way for the Spurs against the Hornets.

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Timmy could only muster 5pts Saturday nite.


Are you kidding?....

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Hot-lanta is being called upset city. The Celtics are playing themselves.

King Me!!!

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Whats up fells I'm not sendin this out to talk bout the win last night Will get to that lator This is a blast at the media and how they r reportin the series of the cavs and WIZARDS
I go to ESPN this mornin expectin to see a get picture and/or story bout the game last night And to my surprise I didn't see a picture of caron "tough juice" butler makin a layup in the face (I'm wavin my hand) of the king of cryin; han han han
What the fck Since when do the losin player get the photo Then I went thru the other playoff teams I didn't see AI picture up their I didn't see shaq's up their (sorry dj) Naw I saw the picture a player from the winnin team I didn't want to buy in to the whole lebron and media thang but dam take his balls out of ur mouth and give CB his props
I'm a WIZARDS fan But 1st and for-most I'm a basketball nut I give kobe his props he's in destory mode Mr duncan is quitely killin teams KG is beastin against younger and faster and maybe stronger guys, but he is So sayin all of that Lebron is ballin and he is getting fouled, like he sposed to b getting fouled but come on If they lost they lost and the media need to recognize that and give CB and WIZARDS their respect
All I'm sayin that if a player get 30+ on the road in the playoff and that team wins then the story and photos NEED to b bout the winnin team
Not how the losers let somfin happen Terrable Just terrable

Beer and Babe and of the day!!!..oh yeah some hoops too!

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Beer Of The Day:

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat is the perfect blend of choice hops with a hint of cherry which makes for a delicious rush of beer perfection ........mmmmhhmm bitch (c) Sam Jackson
Babe Of The Day:
Teedra Moses get's the Babe of the day vote from me anyway super-sexy, dope voice, and super- sexy. I'd miss the first quarter of a Lakers vs. Spurs game for this one. Here's to you Ms. Moses.

Do you believe!!!
Spurs prove that the road to the Finals goes through San Antonio.

T-Mac is still fighting to get out of the first round.

Have the Pistons gotten over the cockiness that lost them the game the other night?

And Finally

I didn't know Grace Jones had a brother that played ball??

Point God!!!

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Best in show....Absolutely!!