Beer and Babe and of the day!!!..oh yeah some hoops too!

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Beer Of The Day:

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat is the perfect blend of choice hops with a hint of cherry which makes for a delicious rush of beer perfection ........mmmmhhmm bitch (c) Sam Jackson
Babe Of The Day:
Teedra Moses get's the Babe of the day vote from me anyway super-sexy, dope voice, and super- sexy. I'd miss the first quarter of a Lakers vs. Spurs game for this one. Here's to you Ms. Moses.

Do you believe!!!
Spurs prove that the road to the Finals goes through San Antonio.

T-Mac is still fighting to get out of the first round.

Have the Pistons gotten over the cockiness that lost them the game the other night?

And Finally

I didn't know Grace Jones had a brother that played ball??


Comment by Gervin Robinson Duncan on April 30, 2008 at 9:06 AM

Awesome post!

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