The NBA playoffs, are they what you expected?

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Tell your boy Stevenson, HE'S WELCOME....


Comment by The Incredible Hawkes on April 29, 2008 at 9:36 AM

Joe Johnson is the real deal! I think the excitment of Atlanta with the woman and strip clubs through Boston off haa! They will regroup and finish out the series at home

Comment by Gervin Robinson Duncan on April 29, 2008 at 9:58 AM

Boston has made a critical mistake... they let the Hawks get confidence. They may actually need 7 games to get rid of the Hawks now. Although, I do think they will pull it out in 6.

As far as my Spurs, we win game 5 and this series, that started out with one of the best games ever, would end pretty anticlimatic. I wouldn't mind.

So, the Nuggets are gone. Swept by a better team. What do you think needs to happen with the Nuggets? They obviously can't get it done with their current roster. As much as I love A.I., maybe they should go in another direction and build more around Melo. thoughts...

Orlando advances (I forgot all about that series) Howard is a monster!

I wish the Jazz would just put the Rockets out of their misery so we can move on.

Dallas is making it interesting, but whoever wins that series will lose in the next round (whether it's us or Phx).

The Wizards/Cavs series is probably the most interesting at this point. There are so many subplots and so much drama, I love it. Damn shame the Wizards have been aligned with Soldier Boy though. That can't be good.

Who else is hoping the 76ers upset the Pistons?!

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